A Widely used and recognized statement that dogs are man’s best friend is almost a cliché but true.

Dogs for the longest time in history have been an integral part of man’s life. They have over time formed part of human family and have always been recognized as so they are probably the closest to humans among the domestic animals.

Needless to say therefore, the relationship between humans and dogs has been sustained by the numerous benefits that make us as humans feel always thankful to these awesome creatures called dogs.

On the top f the list these are the main reasons to be thankful for dogs


  • Dogs are loyal


As loyal as a dog is a valid phrase that should be adopted by all. This is because these words can never be truer, dog’s loyalty is unmatched, and regardless the type of the dog, whether a puppy, a trained dog or just a pet, they will always be loyal to their owners or masters. Dogs learn very fast who their owner is and pay strict allegiance. No matter their schedule, resting or just playing outside or with other dogs, when they hear you call out for them they come running, anything for the master! Therefore why wouldn’t we be grateful for such a beautiful attribute in these awesome creatures? Certainly we should.


  • Protection


Every time these creatures are in the house we know that we are safe or at least in case of danger or intrusion they will alert us. So for all dog owners it is such a relief to stay on the same roof with them because we are at liberty of thinking of other things other than our security is because it is already secured. What else would we ask for especially when it comes to security issues? We should be utterly thankful for the help we get from them.



  • Companionship


Have you not heard people who have been advised to get a dog after ending meaningful relationships? Or a newly wedded couple decides to get their first ‘baby’ and it happens to be a dog? How about the elderly? When all their children leave the house because they are finally mature, the old people will most probably get these lovely creatures to offer them companionship because they are great at it. A dog will hug you when you arrive tired from work or just having a hard day, they will cuddle you if you need that type of company, they will play with you during the times when you need just that!  A play-mate. How wonderful.



  • Part of our mainstream lives


There are various types of dogs. There are service dogs, puppies to just add cuteness in our houses or the general pets we keep for various reasons. Each dog fulfils a specific important and integral duty in our lives. For the service dog they offer backup and add the extra expertise that humans are just not able to do with the wittiness the dog does it with. As for the Puppies they are just little cute bundles of awesomeness that are irresistible. They make our lives colorful and beautiful; it would not be so without them.


  • Morning kisses, evening hugs and the walks together


Owning or being with a dog is priceless, from the morning kisses to the hugs and cuddles we get endlessly when we need them.

They will make us do things that we would otherwise not do or that we would not do regularly. I mean were it not for the dogs we own, how many walks would we take on our own?How regularly? We must admit that on our own probably none.

When it comes to playing, whether  in the dog park or at home, these creature make us lose some few calories as we make them happy and hence we live a healthier and happy life even without realizing it or being intentional about it.


So whether it is during the thanksgiving eve or just moments when you sit and reflect on what you’re most grateful for, I am pretty sure that your dog will feature somewhere on the list if not at the overall top of it. If you haven’t sat down for a moment and sought to reflect just how much these creatures make our lives better and bearable to say the least, then go ahead and do the same, you will find that we have more reasons to be thankful that dogs are part of our lives.