Content Submission

Exactly why should I contribute to your blog?

We all know how important backlinks are to make improvements to your positioning in Serps . Your internet site will receive a useful anchor link from a first-rate , non-spammy health and fitness internet site , that means improving your serp position over the long haul .

In case we like your writing style , we are going to encourage you to submit regularly for us , which is going to enhance your Search engine ranking and thus make it easier to secure your self as an expert in your market .

What exactly are the things I could publish a guest post?

In many cases we can publish your guest post , when it complements to the following categories :

Health, Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness, Alternative Health, Diet, Food, Fashion, Style, Trends, Celebrities, Gossip, News, Technology, Gadgets, Products, Customer reviews, Supplements or similar stuff.

As we already said , your blog post can vary from our typical topics , nevertheless it has to fit our submission criteria .

Just what are your current submission specifications?

We have high criteria for our blog posts , considering the fact that we do not like to fail our customers . Your post should certainly respect the following criteria :

Writer Bio

The bio needs to be 3 to 4 sentences long as well as authored in third-person . You are free to leave any social media site accounts into the bio .


We need to encourage , motivate and thus serve your readers . This is definitely the reason why we retain a confident and particular writing style . Our followers consists of mother who would like to educate their youngsters to eat right , consumers that intend to make the initial step to a health boosting everyday life along with other regular individuals . Don’t provide articles for industry experts . Ensure that it stays stupid and fundamental .

Long guest posts

Search engines likes sites tons of written content , due to this fact we don’t post posts with less than 625 words .

Creative Posts

Yahoo and Google despises duplicates , for this reason we don’t publish content which are not 100% of your own . We verify every single guest post with Copyscape as well as an alternative plagiarism checker . Therefore do not even make an effort to submit posts , that has already been posted to a different web-site .


Your pieces should not be to promotional , on the subject of a particular merchandise or business . If you wish to hand in a post about ‘how to find the best multivitamin for you’ , your are encouraged to do , nonetheless it cannot be with regards to a specified item , brand or enterprise .


We all love tall pictures . Virtually all your photos are supposed to be above 650 pixel width and more than 1100 pixel large . Additionally you require the right to utilize the visuals . Say you decided to provide a photograph to your guest post , deliver it to us in the form of an attachment and not in the e-mail or alternatively in the post . Detailed information regarding how to upload a piece of content are going to come now .

Backlinks to additional niche sites

You will definitely receive a link in your publisher bio . We do not allow backlinking to irrelevant articles or blog posts or not good sources .

How can I upload my blog post?

Send your pitch to with the title ‘Guest Post Submission’ . Bring in your content , or an overview , as Google Docs external link and provide any person with access to the link the authorization to check out as well as modify your current content .

You can also mail a word document , if this is less complicated for you personally . In each circumstances put in your pictures in the attachment . We are able to e-mail you in 1 or 2 weeks , in the event that we like your guest post .

We will be pleased to hear from you . Don’t be nervous and email us your post .