5 Vegan Drinks To Enjoy On Parties

February  is here and so the Valentine’s Day

While many of you managed to get home, just in time for the huge festivities following, there must be few left, still striving hard, to at least feel at home. But, home or not, indulging in a glass or two, filled with some freshly brewed concoction, specially when the Valentine’s day is around the corner, is something you can’t afford to miss!

So while you are busy finding the coziest spot to hang loose, we made a list of the most paradisiacal vegan drinks that will help you unwind and tranquilize in the best possible manner.

Read on !


People absolutely love wine world over. A warm mug of hot wine is nothing less than a divine treat that has the superpower of gladdening and gratifying a shivering soul on a freezing night like that of Valentine’s Day

And to make it even more intriguing, this one comes with the easiest recipe ever.

Truly. It takes just about 5 minutes to prepare this celestial drink whether its for that mushy date night for two or a gala feast for a dozen. You can never go wrong with this one!

To add to the drama, you can customize it with your favorite spices and spike it with your favorite liqueurs. (Quick tip: Rum is always perfect).

You can try making it on the stovetop or a slow cooker. Whatever you choose, it makes your home smelling better than any holiday candle!


I can vouch for a holy hot apple cider, at any given time. Warm, fragrant and spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and orange slices, this one shall surely stimulate your soul with its luscious aroma.

The prep time is again magically short, though I personally like mine to simmer away for a bit longer than usual, since it allows the flavors to concentrate well.

As the warm smell fills up your heart with a feeling of being at home, you can try embellishing the experience by pairing it up with a slice of pumpkin pie with its Triple Nut Praline Crust or this Dutch Apple Pie with its sweet crumble topping.

The idea has got me yearning for some RIGHT NOW!!


The mere citation of this drink fills me with paramount relaxation and peace.

It takes me to those memory lanes of my early teens where, as an essential part of our holiday rituals, we would gather up at our aunt’s place to be greeted with an other-worldly smell coming from her kitchen. She had loads of amazing recipes. It still is my favorite memory.

My aunt has always strived to keep it simple with the recipe and I intend to do just the same.

So whatever you have in your kitchen, be it a delicious mix of fresh fruits, spices or teas, bring it on to make the best cuppa for yourself.


Since childhood, I have a crazy thing for smoothies. The word itself contains enough magnetism to intrigue the foodie in you.

I believe that if smoothies don’t soothe your senses, then nothing else can!

As a child, I remember being treated with this delectable delight, every time I scored well. And now, as I have travelled well into adulthood, I enjoy it even more because of the ‘no-guilt’ factor and the ‘feel-good’ vibe it carries with it.

Made with just 6 ingredients, super healthy, creamy, perfectly thick and spiced to perfection, this one is sure to explode your taste buds!


If you are vegan and love dairy-free then this is the ‘drink of fall’ for you.

Super easy to prepare and fanciful musing, this cocktail is a total win win for those wishing to just  ease off with panache !

But before you get on with it, make sure you grab a good vodka, which is highly recommended, since you can’t make a great cocktail with bad booze!

You can try Tito’s Vodka which is my all time favorite choice, owing to its easy availability and apt smoothness.

Once you have made your selection of vodka, add some coffee liqueur. The options for the same can vary from Kahlua to Trader Vic’s Kona or St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur. They are the best known choices for providing a richer, bolder coffee flavor to your cocktail.

Then comes our preferred coconut cream that melds so perfectly with the coffee liqueur, it enriches the flavor bounteously, making it oh-so-scrumptious !!

Also, adding a splash of cinnamon or ginger liqueur would only increase the oomph factor of this dream potion !

So now, you have an excuse to just wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sip on these delicacies for as long as you wish to. And since they are good for your body as well as well as your mind, they will doubtlessly quiescent your soul too!